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idkmybff_kylie's Journal

Brandon & Kylie BFFs 4EVER
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♥About the Community♥
This is mostly a private joke between lost_raziel & shnissugah, this is really just a community for us but if you'd like to read the fics and see the posts feel free to join.
♥Story Behind the Insanely Random Community♥
Clearly this is a work of fiction that revolves around real life celebrities and fictional characters. How these people found themselves on The Doctor's Tardis is not know, but these fanfics deal with their day to day life aboard the Tardis as it floats around space and goes wherever our imagination takes them.
♥Currently Aboard The Tardis♥

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Brandon FlowersKylie Minogue
Doctor WhoRose TylerMartha Jones
Carrie UnderwoodLucas GrabeelKatarzyna
Edward Cullen and the Whole Cullen/Hale Family
♥Opening Credits♥
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